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With the passing of time and the quickening pace of technological advances, your organization faces some critical issues. Most notably, how do you balance your company's need to stay current with the latest technology while retaining the value embedded in your existing systems? Clearly, a migration strategy must be foremost in your mind.

When you decide to migrate your legacy systems to the latest platform solution you need to ensure that performance is maintained and total costs of operations are reduced. Working with Zillion, you are assured of a
smooth transition to a more viable solution at lower operating costs.

Typically, there are two possibilities with legacy migration:
  • Migrate an existing application to a new environment (UNIX, Linux, or Windows) by porting or re-writing the application;
  • Migrate databases by moving the data from the legacy system to the new while preserving its integrity
    (DB2, SQL Server, Oracle).
Zillion can provide our customers with the necessary expertise to fulfill either type of migration strategy.
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