Document Managemnet Sysytem
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Zillions DMS (Document Management System) is a comprehensive solution for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents. The DMS comes with the required tools for digitization, scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image Conversions, electronic workflow management, document archival and search, Email Data management etc..
Built with robust, scalable architecture, DMS comes with LAN, WAN or Internet versions.
These Products also empower individuals and organizations by acting as powerful knowledge management tools.
It is a vital tool in reducing in process bottlenecks, it keeps a watchful eye on information flow within a company.

Features of Zillions DMS:
  1. Document Capture
  2. Version Control
  3. Search & Retrieval
  4. Document Hierarchy
  5. User Access Control
  6. Document Viewer
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