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Zillion oversees to enhance value by focusing on growth, people and a commitment to responsibilities.
As we look to the future, we see more change, more growth, and more development in different operational areas. We also see further development of companies’ commitment to responsibility. Aiming higher, reaching further, innovating and growing, these are the core qualities of the Zillion.
Our strategy is to create superior value to formulate world-class competencies by building, deploying and leveraging world-class operating capabilities through a focus on customers, people and processes.

The element of our strategy has three facets:
  • making our customers successful;
  • attracting and developing talented people;
  • implementing world-class processes to enhance productivity and innovation.
Our performance will be only as good as our commitment and ability to help customers succeed. And we will only help customers succeed if we have the right people and processes in place.
We use a decisive point of view to point the way in changing markets. A successful strategy must see the possibilities in market conditions. Point-of-view execution in a changing marketplace is a key strength of our IT services business.
Our strategy brings together our point of view and our capabilities. We can now draw upon the advantages of scale and scope, and the expertise we have developed, to drive continued growth.
Our aim is to maintain our strong growth and broad recognition by leveraging our brand and differentiated approach to market
We also aim to develop further a brand image that resonates with our customers and distinguishes us from other IT service providers. Our goal is to attract and maintain customers through a combination of our youth-oriented message and service offerings that are simple, flexible and good value for money. We recognize that customers needs evolve, and we intend to develop customer propositions that meet the evolving needs of customers while remaining true to the Zillion’s brand values.
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