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In recent times, advanced technology is extensively being used to revolutionize educational campus management by streamlining administration-related processes. ZEMS (Zillion’s Educational Institute Management Solution) is a next generation solution, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficacy of educational institutions. ZEMS is a scalable software solution software build with 3 Tier Modular architecture with both Online and Offline functionalities. ZEMS brings the education stakeholders (management, administration, parents, teachers and students) together on a common interactive platform thereby fostering camaraderie among them and building a solid school community.

ZEMS has different versions to cater to specific needs of the different kinds of Educational Institutions:
ZEMS Engeneering
ZEMS Degree College
ZEMS School
ZEMS Management College
Technical versions of ZEMS
ZEMS Standard
Single School/College
  • ZEMS Standard LE
  • ZEMS Standard WE
ZEMS Enterprise
Multiple Schools or Multiple Colleges under one Institution
  • ZEMS Enterprise LE
  • ZEMS Enterprise WE
ZEMS Premia
Multiple mix of Schools and Colleges under one Institution
  • ZEMS Premia LE
  • ZEMS Premia WE
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