Warehouse Management System is a software application offered by Zillion Technology Services, which works as a central function for movement and storage of inventory & information in your Warehouse or Distribution Centre. It automates the flow of stock in the warehouse from the inward of goods to dispatch to customers. It also offers complete coordination of operations between Warehouses, Branch Offices and Head Office which facilitates the optimum utilization of capacity. Our WMS is designed in such a way that it is adaptable to the operations of businesses of any size. It is also continually being upgraded to take advantage of new technology.
Warehouse Module
  1. Warehouse Set Up
    • Enables to specify warehouse layout in various SKU parameters like weight and volume - bearing capacity
    • Based on this total available space for a warehouse can be defined
    • Items can be stored in Cartons / Cases or Pallets
  2. Define Staff for the Warehouse
    • Enables to specify warehouse-wise staff
    • Easier staff- allocation for various warehouse activities
  3. Define Warehouse Agreements
    • Enables to specify agreements start date, end date and rent
    • Enables to define rent based on short term or long term storage
  4. Seamless Integration with Business
    • Easy implementation of the solution
    • Minimum training required for the users
Operations Module
  1. Complete Stock Management
    • Track the movement of stock from the time location is allocated for it to the dispatch of stock
  2. Streamline Put-away Operations
    • Put away list created based on the size, weight & volume bearing capacity of racks and the size, weight and volume of goods received
    • Stock goods based on the put away list
    • Put-away list can be generated for 1 inward or multiple inwards based on requirements
    • Put-away list can be generated based on Warehouse Tasks as well
  3. Order Processing
    • Customers can give Delivery Orders directly through the system
    • Pick list for smooth retrieval of goods
    • Pick Lists created according to factors such as order size, urgency and orders that have to be delivered simultaneously
    • Replenish primary pick locations
    • Easy and fast picking of stock
    • Repacking of damaged goods
    • Kitting
  4. Documents Management
    • Storage receipts
    • Put-Away Lists
    • Pick Lists
    • Gate Passes
    • Shipment Slips
    • Bills raised to Customer
    • Payment Receipts

Finance Module
  1. Billing Accounts
    • Set up Customer Billing Accounts
    • Bills can be raised to Customer or Customer’s Customer
    • Invoicing, billing and charging information for each customer
  2. Track various Bills raised
    • Storage bills
    • Labour handling charges (based on tasks)
    • Equipments handling charges (based on tasks)
    • Transportation bills
    • Bills for balance of stock
    • Bills can be raised daily, weekly, monthly - according to the terms specified in agreement
  3. Track Payments received
    • Payments from customers according to the terms specified in agreement
    • Bill to bill or On-account receipts
  4. Tax Payments
    • Tax Deducted at Source
    • Tax collectable from source
    • Service Tax, VAT
  5. Other Income and expenses
    • Payments of rent to warehouse owners
    • Payments of salary to staff
    • Other expenses & income

Managerial Information
  1. Real-Time Information
    • Real-time inventory information of the Stocks – present stock in the warehouse, and stock in process to be dispatched based on Delivery Order
    • Information on Stock Customer-wise, Product-wise, Warehouse-wise and Sub-customer-wise (Customer’s customer)
    • Reports on empty / utilized locations aids speedy put-away and accurate picking of stock
  2. Warehouse Capacity
    • Warehouse Capacity unutilized
    • Real-time information helps planning for storage
  3. Bills raised and Payments
    • Warehouse, labour and other bills raised
    • Payments received
    • Bills to be raised & Payments to be received
    • Total revenue
  4. Other Income and expenses
    • Payments of rent to warehouse owners
    • Payments of salary to staff
    • Tax paid
    • Other expenses & income
  5. Other Income and expenses
    • Payments of rent to warehouse owners
    • Payments of salary to staff
    • Other expenses & income
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